Could one think of a better place than an island to indulge in great seafood? It is doubtful indeed. To wonder whether someone could think of a better place than an archipelago such as Maldives and more specifically a Maldives resort for the purpose is absolutely remote. There are yachts that go into the sea every day alongside tiny fishing boats just to bring back the freshest and best catch for the people in each of the islands. At times tourists can join in the reeling and engage in fishing themselves.


If you happen to be on holiday but didn’t spend time fishing, you can still be selective about what you eat. If for instance you are put up at the Per AQUUM Niyama Maldives you could instruct the waiters exactly what you require and they would present the prawns, fish, and cuttlefish or crab that they can prepare for you as per your taste buds. The significance of this experience in Maldives is that you are probably choosing from a group that was netted in from the sea closest to the particular island you are on.


The Maldivians usually like some spice and flavour in their cuisine; an adventure of its own and it is advisable that one does not shy away from it. Tuna is the local favourite and it is cooked in a variety of ways; some grill it with sauces, others pour coconut milk in with a bunch of spices indigenous to Asia and prepare delicious gravy for the tuna and some concoct what is known as Rihaakuru a dry but heavily flavoured and seasoned form of fish. The best way to enjoy the fish from the Indian Ocean is to have it cooked by a well experienced local chef who would know to do wonders, may it be your accompaniment for rice, noodles, pasta or bread.


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