Listed as one of the must visit destinations one could say Bali is at its prime of fame among world wide travelers. Famous for its sandy white shores and the clear blue seas as well as the unimaginable pampering the island has to offer, Bali is also quite famous for its cuisine among many other things such as its rich culture and heritage as well as since of late the vibrant nightlife! Some of the highly touristy areas in Bali include the Seminyak beaches and Kuta as well as Legian.The food is an essential part of the Balinese life and the tourist are able to enjoy a taste of it from the restaurants in Seminyak.

If one is after a relaxing and unwinding holiday with a whole heap of pampering the perfect place to do so would be Bali with its own traditional massage techniques one can spoil themselves! A highly recommended place among many others is W Retreat & Spa Bali Seminyak. The resort is one of the most stylish resorts in Bali and also has some great dining options.

As mentioned above , the Balinese cuisine has its unique taste. Many of the dishes are created using local ingredients and are infused with local spices. One of the must try dishes while in Bali is the Babi Guling (Suckling Pig) , being a predominately Muslim country it is quite difficult to find Pork in most regions , however Bali is famous for this dish. Cooked over a coconut husk or tender wood.

Another one of the popular dishes include Ikan Bakar , grilled fish , the main ingredient being chili as it is used to infuse the fish the dish is not particularly spicy as it has other ingredients such as tomatoes used to balance the taste off.

Chicken in raw sambal is another winner, it is shredded chicken in fresh raw sambal shallots.

Even though these are only a handful of dishes recommended , there’s a whole load of other dishes to explore.

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