Johor Bahru, known to be Malaysia’s largest southern city offers a handful of attractions like temples, museums, shopping malls and even a Legoland! Located close to the Legoland, is Berjaya Waterfront Hotel – Johor Bahru which is a great place to rest after a day of adventure. This hidden gem in Malaysia also offers a delectable variety of local cuisine that is a must try for any traveller! Hotel Johor Bahru offers great inhouse restaurants which provide a variety of local cuisines and is a great place to start the food adventure!

A Chee Chong stand offers the best Hong Kong style steamed rice noodle rolls. The noodle rolls are stuffed with shrimp or pork – or both, and is lightly drizzled with sweet sauce and hae ko; a thick shrimp paste. As the noodles are freshly made, be sure to try it while it’s still warm in order to capture every essence of this mouth-watering dish! The Johor style Bak kut teh is the perfect option for lunch which includes succulent simmering pork ribs that are cooked up in a broth of peppercorns, star anise, cloves, garlic and a few secret ingredients, which makes this dish a tantalizing option for anyone.

Food enthusiasts looking for a sweeter option should hop in to the Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory which is a local bakery that has been in operation for almost 100 years! The bakery is most popular for the freshly baked banana cake which is moist and spongy.

Chicken lovers would enjoy a salt based chicken marinated in Chinese herbs and spices that is a signature dish at Tapai Tang; a Chinese restaurant. Another popular dish at the restaurant is wat tan hor; rice noodles in egg gravy which consists of a delicious egg yolk covered in gravy coating strands of noodles and is usually served with pork slices, vegetables and prawns. The restaurant’s Salad Prawns or Three Flavour Prawns combines Malaysian and Chinese cuisines using a mixture of mayonnaise salad dressing and sweet corn. Johor Baru offers a myriad of local cuisine designed to excite those taste buds!

Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.