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22 Jun 2021

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Sate Lilit 

Ingredients Chicken minced 500g Palm sugar 70g Vegetables oil 50g Salt 8g Lemon grass 100g Shallot 40g Garlic 20g Ginger 50g Turmeric powder 3g Coriander powder 3g Candlenuts 10g Belachan 10g Lime leaves 3g Nutmeg powder 1g Chilli paste 80g Steps for preparation Blend shallot,…

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Pra Ka Pong Nung Manao 

Ingredients Sea Bass, Whole (400 g /pc)                  2pcs Thai Celery, roughly chopped              10g Ginger, roughly chopped                      10g Sauce Garlic                                                   20g Small Chili           …

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Food in Macau 

The delectable dishes in Macau have been influenced by a variety of cuisines such as Chinese, Macanese, and even Portuguese. If ever you’re staying at one of the Macau five-star hotels the likes of Hotel Okura Macau, make sure that you try out the local cuisine to experience…


Twisted Tiramisu – Melbourne’s Coffee love story 

Ingredients 6 Egg yolks 150gm Sugar 500gm Mascarpone 250ml Cream (raw weight) 5 leaves    Gelatine 1 Shot       Espresso with Cointreau 1 Shot       Espresso with some hot water Finger biscuits, filter coffee, butter for crumble 75% Daintree cocoa powder Dark Callebaut chocolate for chocolate dome…