13 Jul 2020

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Popular delicacies in Colombo 

Sri Lanka is a country with a very distinct collection of local cuisine. Owing to the island’s rich cultural history and diversity, Sri Lankan dishes are imbued with a collection of inimitable flavours and textures that every budding gastronomist should experience. Here are some of…


Top Myanmar food to indulge in 

Since Myanmar and Thailand are just a 01-hour flight away to each other, their cuisines are also pretty much similar and complementary. If you are planning a Myanmar trip anytime soon, just don’t forget to try the following dishes and desserts. Mohinga- a classic dish…


Must-eat Local Dishes in Thailand 

Part of the allure of visiting Thailand is getting to sample its exotic and aromatic culinary delights! Here are some of the top dishes that foodies are bound to love. Tom Yum While you may have tasted this spicy seafood soup in your home country,…