30 Nov 2020

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The Real Deal Sichuan Cuisine 

Sichuan food is mainly distinguished by how hot and spicy it can be. It is one of the few local Chinese cuisines that has successfully made the transition into international cuisine. Learn a little more about this style of cooking so you can update your…


What to Eat in Chanthaburi? 

With a diverse mix of cultures and people, Chanthaburi has some of the most exciting and unique cuisines Thailand has to offer. Here’s how you should go about eating in this wonderful town. Try Something Local To start off with, you’ll want to treat your…


Traditional Dishes of Burma 

Burmese cuisines aim to take simple flavours and create unique and tasty combinations with them. Whenever you travel to this exotic destination, be sure to stop by at a local restaurant and order these 4 delectable Burmese dishes. Mohinga At the very forefront of Burmese…


Traditional Dishes of Thailand 

While there are a plethora of reasons to visit Thailand, it’s not uncommon for many travellers to cite Thai cuisine as the reason for their visit. So, if you’re among them, here are 4 of the very best traditional dishes in Thailand that you need…