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22 Jun 2021

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Main Dishes, Recipes

Tomato Tartare 

Ingredients Tomato Tartare Tomato in can                                       800 g Salt                                                      12 g Mustard dijon                                        48 g Lea perrins sauce                                  32 ml Egg yolk                                               4 Extra virgin olive oil arbequina                20 ml Lime                                                     1 Hp sauce                                              12 ml Tomato ketchup                                    2 tbs    Toppings Straciatella                                           …

Main Dishes, Recipes

Phad Cha Thalay ​ 

Ingredients:   70gr Prawns Tiger (Uncooked Tail On) 40gr Squid Tubes 50gr Mussel Green 1/2 Shell 80gr Scallops King Roe Off 60gr Fish Reef Local Assorted 5gr Herb Galangal Razor 2gr Herb Basil Sweet Leave 15gr Veg Chili Green Large 30gr Veg Chili Red Large…

Main Dishes, Recipes

Dolsot Bibimbap 

Ingredients For the meat and meat   Oounces beef mince                                         100g Sugar – preferably brown sugar                          1 tsp Minced garlic                                                    1/4 tsp Sesame oil                                                        1 Tbsp Soy sauce                                                        1 Tbsp     Vegetables and other   Mildly seasoned spinach                                   250g Steamed rice                                                     3 to 4…