Seattle is known to the world as a port city. Visitors who come to Seattle to enjoy the views and the functions of this port city, also admire the beautiful natural surroundings that it has and also the presence of the international community. There is another thing they admire, that’s their food.


 Shellfish, Seattle| Img by: T.Tseng via Flickr, CC BY 2.0



In Seattle, best restaurants provide guests with the best seafood, because- obviously, that’s one of the main things a port city has to be special of. Eat Seattle salmon once, and you’ll always crave it for the rest of your life!


If you are staying at a centrally located property the likes of Pan Pacific Seattle, notice what the locals mostly have for breakfast. You’ll be surprised to see how coffee has become the main meal of many locals there and how much they seem to enjoy it too.

Pho- the Vietnamese dish

As mentioned earlier, Seattle is the home of many international communities. So, even their food has international influences which can be picked up here and there. Pho is such a food item influenced by the Vietnamese dishes that are readily available at most of the restaurants here.


Fran’s Chocolates that became popular with them becoming Obama’s all-time favourites, have their origins here in Seattle. If you belong to the majority who love chocolates, then Fran’s outlets are for you to stop by and try out.



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