Have you ever wondered how Maldivian food taste like? From warming curries to delicious seafood, Maldives offers something special for everyone. Try out the array of cuisine on offer in this part of Asia.

Maldives Meal| Img by: Maldives via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.5


Thanks to the surrounding turquoise waters in Maldives, there is no surprise that fish is the staple dish in this island. Ranging from lobster delicacies, crabs and the freshest catch of fish, anyone who visits the island will come across an exquisite seafood platter. Maldive fish or processed tuna is often used as pieces in many curries. You’ll find different types of fish to try out including little tunny, yellow fin, and frigate.

Mas huni

Seafood lovers, rejoice! This dish is similar to a salad with simple seasonings of shredded coconut and onions added to fresh tuna. It’s a quick and easy recipe which is also used as an appetizer. The dish gets a bit savoury because of turmeric and cumin.

Where to try out these dishes?

A good way to begin scouring the region for the very best of its cuisine will be to first check into a preferred choice of accommodation. Amongst many resorts the likes of Dhigali Maldives, features its own selection of restaurants in Maldives that offer mouth-watering local and international delicacies.


Hedhikaa is a short-eat or a snack popular among locals as well as tourists visiting the country. The best time to savour this snack is in the evening when Hedhikaa is freshly baked and warm! If you are having it for the first time, try to have it with black tea or coffee.



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