Photo credits ; Mandarina Colombo


The city of Colombo, the most prominent metropolitan landscape on the island of Sri Lanka has a range of attractions in store. If you’re a foodie, this eccentric city will definitely not disappoint, as it has a range of eateries on offer from humble cafes to fine-dining in hotel restaurants Colombo has to offer in establishments such as the Mandarina Colombo.

It seems like every day there is a new establishment opening up in the city, and no two are ever the same. If you’re interested in cafes, there are established classics such as Whight and Co and Java Lounge, with constant newcomers such as Cafe Noir, a cosy coffee-lounge with a great atmosphere and an expertly curated menu consisting of various brews, a compact assortment of savouries and some popular sweet-treats such as apple-pies.

When it comes to restaurants you could find establishments from almost any sort of cuisine imaginable, from English pub food to Vietnamese fast food. Ankara for example is a recently opened Turkish restaurant that has been garnering rave reviews for its authentic and indulgent takes on Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine ranging from hummus and pita bread to seafood paellas.

If you’re craving authentic Belgian waffles, you can head to The Waffle Cafe, an establishments that specialises in the concept. The restaurant even has Brussels and Liege waffles respectively, as well as fusion creations. From a range of Sri Lankan inspired waffles to European desserts, this place is an imaginative take on a classic concept.

A foodie adventure would not be complete without dessert, and there’s just as many places to satisfy your sweet tooth as there are restaurants. Jolly’s Ice Cream is a recently opened ice-cream parlour that delivers a range of creamy ice-cream with some authentic flavours thrown in.

If you’re ever in Sri Lanka, the city of Colombo will make sure you have no shortage of dining establishments.


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