Indonesia is a nation composed of about six thousand populated islands rich in history and culture. The country’s unique diversity is reflected in many of its aspects, a prominent one being its cuisine. Mostly based on local culture and foreign influences, Indonesian cuisine varies from region to region. The delectable local fare carries the influence of European, Middle Eastern, Chinese and Indian cuisines, making for an exceptional blend of exotic flavours.

The main ingredients of the local food come from the land itself with a number of crops successfully grown within the country. Due to its natural resources and location, Indonesia has been involved in trade throughout its history. The main local meals comprise of polished rice with ‘sambals’ as side dishes. Daily meals also include curries of dried fish cooked in coconut milk. Popularly used spices of the local cuisine include cardamom, peanuts, shallots, tamarind, lemon grass and turmeric. Among the most favoured Indonesian dishes are soto, nasi goring, sate and gado-gado.

Some popular Indonesian dishes have become common across Southeast Asia. Dishes the likes of sambal, beef rendang and satay are favourites in Singapore and Malaysia. Two other must try dishes for visitors are soy-based dishes such as tempe and tofu.

A key ingredient in some of the local street food is ghee. You will find vendors on the sidewalks selling a wide variety of mouthwatering local delicacies. Making for the ideal combination with delicious local dishes are drinks such as Serbat, Cendol, Es teller and Teh Talua.

Starchy fruits such as jackfruit and breadfruit as well as starchy tubers such as cassava, taro, potato, sweet potato and yam are also staple foods in the country. The meat and fish curries are usually quite spicy just as in most of the other South Asian nations.

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