The Republic of Seychelles, located off the eastern coast of Africa is a truly unique nation. As a result of being in the Indian Ocean yet close to Africa, this nation has a very unique food culture.

Seychelles Cuisine
Best Cuisine in Seychelles

The Basics of Seychelles Cuisine


The food of this nation is known as ‘Creole cuisine’, and is the amalgamation of French, African, British, Indian and Chinese influences. The two most common ingredients that are utilised throughout Creole dishes are fish and chilli. Due to their lush tropical nature, these dishes tend to always have fresh ingredients.


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Charles Haynes from Bangalore, India, Fish, chips and mushy peasCC BY-SA 2.0

Snacks and Unique Dishes


Shark chutney is an iconic delicacy in Seychelles, and is full of tropical flavours. Octopus salad is a staple appetiser that is a general precedent to main dishes.


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Fresh Seafood Delicacies


Grilled Red Snapper marinated in ginger and garlic served with salad and rice is greatly recommended. Tuna steaks that have been lightly fried in garlic butter and served with Creole sauce are another indulgent icon of Creole cuisine. These are sure to be staples in Seychelles restaurants, ranging from cafes to upscale eateries situated in resorts such as AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa.


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Desserts and Drinks


Carotte Bananas are an exotic sweet-snack and involve bananas coated in honey and vanilla wrapped in banana-leaves and sun-dried. There are many liqueurs and alcoholic beverages such as Calou (a palm wine), Bacca (sugarcane liquor), and coco d’amour (a coconut liqueur) to sample as well.


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Image Credit: AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa


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