Phuket has some of the world’s most stunning beaches, but this small city is also known for its diverse and delicious cuisine, which can be found in countless restaurants and on the streets.

Tom Yam Goong

One of the most popular Thai dishes, Tom Yang Goong is a hot prawn and sour soup concoction. All Tom Yam’s soup is prepared from coconut milk, red chilli, mushrooms, herbs, and other spices, making it the most essential portion of the dish.

Mee Hokkien noodle

Noodle lovers return to this simple meal of prawn-stir-fried noodles over and over again. You can’t go wrong with the combination of yellow noodles, prawns, pork and squids, eggs, and bean sprouts. Sambal chilli and lime juice are added to the noodles.

Massaman Curry

There are many curry lovers out there who would swoon over this dish. The sweetness of coconut milk, the slight sourness of lime juice, the fragrant perfume of lime leaves and basil, and the thickness of peanuts and tomatoes combine to make an unexpectedly pleasant flavour.

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Dim Sum

Dim sum that has been folded at least seven times and has a fluffy, shining appearance is the greatest sort. Diverse fillings include shrimp, pork, prawns, and green beans among others. The texture and flavour of dim sum are astoundingly silky and decadent. For those looking to experience an authentic meal amongst the many Phuket restaurants be sure to check out the Age restaurant during your visit as well.