Hong Kong offers a wide variety of food choices, be it international or local dishes. Here are a few delicacies you must try when you’re in Hong Kong!

Sweet and sour pork

Regarded as the most famous Hong Kong food, this delicacy has made its way to numerous Chinese takeaway menus around the world. Don’t forget to try this during your time here!

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Wontons are added to clear soup, together with other ingredients to make a delightful dish, dining in Hong Kong is not complete without you trying out the famous Sichuan-style wontons. Famous for its thin skin and succulent meat fillings, the texture is extremely smooth.

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Roast Goose

A traditional speciality of Cantonese cuisine, this dish is an entire goose roasted with secret ingredients. Eating roast goose is a must as a tourist!

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Shrimp and chicken balls

The Chinese name for this delicacy is “dragon and phoenix balls”. The dragon refers to the shrimps while the phoenix refers to the chicken. During your time at Dorsett Mongkok, watch out for this famous snack!