Seoul is the vibrant equation of the Korean Peninsula, and dining out here presents a veritable feast to the palate, which will swoon as it tastes the flavours of this exciting city. A stylish Seoul apartment is the best way to enjoy the city’s many experiences, and the Somerset Palace Seoul is an excellent option of a luxury serviced apartment Seoul has to offer its visitors. Sample the lavish flavours of Hanjeongslk, which features a delicious array of side dishes to accompany the main meat feature, a cuisine that originated in the country’s royal kitchens of yore. The city’s finest serving can be experienced at the Song Jook Heon, which features a fine intro into the most opulent of South Korean culinary offerings. Sample the deep and hearty flavours of seolleongtang, which is a decadent beef broth flavoured with onions, peppers, and garlic over a steaming bed of noodles. A local delicacy that is best enjoyed at one of the city’s oldest restaurants: Imun Seolleongtang. Experience what could be the city’s only “food museum”, at the Si Hwa Dam, which put as much attention and finesse into the presentation as well as the preparation of food items, which oftentimes look too good to chow down on. Seafood junkies had better head down to Goraebul in the Gyeongsang province, as it features a distinctly Korean interpretation of Japanese dishes, all of which are dependent on the catches of the day with regular servings of clams, flatfish, fish roe, and octopus. Lastly, the delights of Seoul’s street food are appetizingly laid out at the Gwangjang Market, which features delicious items such as mung bean pancakes and spicy rice cakes amongst the many options on offer for sampling.


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