Heading out for a meal is relatively straightforward in most countries – either you’re heading out for some homemade goodies at a loved one’s house, or finding the most appropriate establishment for your mood. In both of these choices, there’s a certain experience you can look forward to, whether it’s an aura of refinement, finely presented dishes, a relaxing atmosphere, or perhaps all of the above; but it’s not just the food that makes the experience, and that’s certain.

The Environment

Ambience is key! A great restaurant will have you hooked from the moment you enter, and not just because of the smells wafting in from the kitchen, but from the lighting, the seating, the setting, and the music. All of it comes together to form a tapestry before you’ve even chosen, and the right combination will have your visitors never wanting to leave, and wishing they’d found it earlier. For example – you wouldn’t want a competitive spirit to surround you as you dine on refined dishes from Michelin-awarded chefs.

The Experience

The restaurants of today are expected to provide a unique service in comparison to those of the past – catering to a demographic that’s interested in recreating the “indoor dining experience” with splashes of luxury or elegance depending on where you go. Dealing with such incursions to daily nature as a long workday, and little time to spare means that, even when you go out, you want to feel at home with a little extra topping of elegance.

Problem Solving

The cooking industry is as cut-throat as it gets – in a place where your competitor can be literally on the opposite of the road, it’s important you solve your problems before they solve theirs. By applying concepts normally applied to the digital world – user experience design – thinking through the customer’s pain points, especially for places like Jollibee Philippines with many services that provide food delivery services in Philippines.

Creating Content

Philippines Foods
Philippines Foods – Photo by Eiliv Aceron on Unsplash

Content creation, luckily, can get as unique as the restaurant you wish to market. For people to share this place with their friends, parents, siblings, and other connections – they need to be able to find your presence on social media, through such platforms as Instagram, Snapchat, and others, allowing for geo-tagging and more ways to reach out and collect user-generated content as well.