• Prawn White Cleaned 21*25                           265g
  • Baby Corn Whole                                              90g
  • Lady Finger (Okra)                                             90g
  • Enoki Mushroom                                               90g
  • Rice Japanese                                                     665g
  • Tempura and Noodle Sauce                            220ml
  • Soyabean Tofu Normal                                     90g
  • Takuan Radish (Pickle)                                      90g
  • Kyuri Red/Shibazuke (Cucumber) Pickle        132g
  • Marukome Miso Red                                         80g
  • Flour Tempura                                                    200g
  • Wakame Dry                                                       45g
  • Spring Onion                                                      10g



  1. Cook the Japanese rice
  2. Cut the vegetables (baby corn, ladyfingers, taro, enoki mushrooms) into bite-size pieces and thoroughly wash the white prawn (keep the tail attached)
  3. Mix the tempura flour with cold water. Heat a large amount of oil into a high heat in a deep wok
  4. When the oil is ready for frying, dip the vegetables & the prawns firstly into normal flour and then into the tempura batter. Proceed to deep fry till lightly golden and drain off the excess oil
  5. Boil the fish stock in a medium-high heat and add the Marukome red miso paste to the boiled water and whisk until its smooth
  6. Add the soybean tofu with chopped spring onion. Sprinkle the wakame right before serving to preserve the aroma and colour
  7. Plate it up by placing the Japanese rice on a bowl with the tempura and drizzle the tempura and noodle sauce on top and serve it with Shibazuke and Takuan

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