Well known as Yue Cuisine, delectable Cantonese cuisine reflects the culinary style of Guangdong Province. Although available at various Chinese restaurants across the globe, this cuisine in its most authentic form can only be sampled in Guangdong. Travellers based at Guangzhou luxury apartments of Ascott Guangzhou also get the opportunity of sampling these unique dishes. Traditional Cantonese dishes are deemed to be easy to prepare and are very commonly offered at many Cantonese restaurants. While deep fried dishes are preferred both in China and the West, unique favorites such as Chinese steamed eggs come in a delicious variety derived by the addition of flavorsome ingredients. Yet another distinctive Cantonese dish is Zhaliang which is prepared by wrapping a rice sheet roll round a deep-fried dough stick. A popular favorite when it comes to a Cantonese breakfast is youtiao which can be savoured with soy milk. Another must try Cantonese dish is Shahe noodles, that have a elastic texture and are popular not only in Guangzhou but also Guangxi and Hainan provinces.

For a truly memorable dining experience the ideal venue is Panxi Restaurant, which is located by the charming Liwan Lake. Renowned for offering the quintessential Cantonese dining experience, it is a famed, old fashioned garden-style restaurant dating back to 1947. This prestigious dinning venue brings a fusion of mouthwatering Cantonese cuisine, picturesque surroundings and Chinese architecture. Other prominent restaurants to sample this delectable cuisine include Wilber’s, Le Lutece, Tang Yuan and more.

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