Middle Eastern cuisine is among the most famous cuisines in the world. Tender meats, fragrant spices, and fresh herbs mixed together provide flavours that are simply unmatched. There is no better place to enjoy the variety of dishes the Middle East offers than in the melting pot cultural hub of Dubai, and here are some of the finest.

Shawarma | img via flickr


The King of Wraps, there is nothing quite like an authentic shawarma fresh off the spit. Enjoying juicy chunks of chicken or beef along with pickles, veggies and various condiments like garlic sauce and pomegranate molasses, wrapped in freshly baked flatbread makes for an out-of-this-world experience. You can find a good shawarma at almost every corner of Dubai, and they’re all guaranteed to be absolutely amazing.

Shish Tawouk Sandwich

An underrated delicacy in the Middle East, the shish tawouk is yet another flatbread wrap consisting of meat, pickles and veggies. The difference between this and shawarma is the way the meat is prepared, with shish tawouk using yoghurt and lemon to marinate the meat. Roam around the streets from your stay at a premier one-bedroom suite at a property such as Oaks Liwa Heights and you can easily find a delicious and filling shish tawouk.


The Gulf regions do desserts exceptionally well, and Knafeh just might be the best of the lot. It is a unique dish that is made entirely of cheese and drizzled with rose syrup to add extra sweetness to it. Nominated as the “Queen of Desserts” it is the perfect dish for a sweet tooth.