Thailand attracts millions of tourists each year, and its food is one of its major attractions! Islands like Koh Samui have excellent food options, here are some of the best dishes and places to feast on Thai delicacies while on the island.

Best Places for Street Food

Thailand’s street food scene is vibrant and diverse. More often than not, some of the best of Thai cuisine can be experienced on its streets, food trucks, shop-houses and night markets. You can also look out for restaurants in Koh Samui to offer you some fantastic options as well.  Also, hotels like Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort can be a good option.

Pad Thai

A Thai staple, this delicious and inexpensive meal is everywhere in Thailand, from street vendors to restaurants. To experience an authentic take on the dish, visit the night markets. The iconic dish involves stir-fried rice noodles, topped with coriander leaves, shrimp, red pepper, peanuts, eggs, tofu and doused in a tangy, sweet and spicy tamarind sauce.

Thai Iced Tea

You’ll find innumerable vendors and coffee shops throughout the island selling Thai iced tea. The food markets are a great place to grab this refreshing beverage on the go. The drink consists of freshly brewed black tea, condensed milk, evaporated milk, ice and sugar. Simple yet satisfying!

Vee Satayamas, Thai iced milk tea, CC BY 2.0

Mango Sticky Rice 

Also, the national dessert of Thailand, this dish comprises glutinous rice drenched in sweet and warm coconut milk. The rice soaks up the hot liquid, making it delightfully sweet and sticky. It is eaten with fresh and juicy mangoes and sweet coconut milk!

Roti Gluay 

You will encounter food vendors all across Thailand and the islands stretching blobs of dough at markets and roti carts. The crispy dough gets stuffed with banana and sometimes other toppings like coconut, Nutella, condensed milk, chocolate sauce, peanut butter or honey.