Phuket and its beautiful beaches are legendary! The island also offers a variety of delectable cuisine for all discerning foodies. Take a look at some of the best dishes to sample and where to find them while visiting Thailand’s most renowned island.

JIP, Massaman Curry at restaurant Tamarin, CC BY-SA 4.0

Places to find street food

You won’t even have to go looking for street food when in Phuket, it’s practically everywhere. However, be on the lookout for food carts close to the fresh markets at Banzaan behind Jungceylon. The food prices are inexpensive and menus are uncommon, so you may have to inspect the food to see if something catches your eye. Some vendors may not be able to converse in English, so you can gesture to what the others are eating. If looking for Thailand luxury villas for sale the likes of Avadina Hills by Anantara are among the best options around.

Tom Yum Goong

This prawn-filled, spicy, sweet and sour soup is among the best-loved in Thailand. You can also get the dish with chicken (Tom Yam Gai) and seafood (Tom Yam Talay). The flavourful soup is made with coconut milk, red chilli paste, mushrooms, galangal, and lemongrass.

Mee Hokkien Noodle

A simple and filling stir-fry noodle preparation that is big on taste. Thick and chewy egg noodles are tossed with prawns, eggs, pork, bean sprouts and calamari, and eaten with a chilli sambal and a sprinkle of fresh lime juice.

Massaman Curry

Massaman curry is generally milder than some of the curries you may encounter in Thai cooking. The sweet coconut milk adds a creaminess while the tangy lime juice cuts through its richness. Flavoured with aromatics like Thai basil and kefir lime leaves, the curry smells divine and incorporates meat, veggies and tofu.