Taking a street food tour down Hanoi is quite a rewarding experience where you get to indulge in various Asian delicacies that you have never tried before in your life. If you are staying in one of the serviced apartments in Hanoi where localised street food markets are in the vicinity then it is quite convenient to join a group or go on your own foodie tour. A place like Somerset West Lake Hanoi, is one such option worth considering. It is probably true that most of these street food served at stalls on either side of the streets are real treats that you must not miss and cannot be found prepared anywhere else in the world.

If you have no constraints on the money factor then why not go on a pricy street food tour trying out the best quality street food served inside small restaurants instead of street stalls? Hanoi has some high-end street food restaurants serving some of the most delicious food items that simply melt in your mouth. Having dinner with your loved one at one of the top end street side restaurants is a romantic and fulfilling experience. The meal may be costly but the price is nothing when compared with the one of a kind great tasty food you get to enjoy in a cosy and stylish atmosphere inside the restaurant.

If you are on a tight budget then it is best you join a street food tour group consisting around four to five people. An average number of three is the ideal amount to enjoy a street food group tour and experience maximum benefits. Smaller groups help you in many ways while dining and walking down the streets where you get to experience lesser disturbances as the number of people is manageable. When using a guide it is easy to hear and understand what he explains about the food items sold by the sides of the street when the crowd is smaller. It is a known fact that street food stalls are not meant for large groups so just in case if you want more space for yourself and your loved one then join a private street food tour with a guide.

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