For the foodies who are in search of unique flavours and interested in tasting dishes that are cooked in creative ways, Teppanyaki is surely something you’ve already tried or intend on doing so. Instead of being just a dish, Teppanyaki is more of an art, a culinary performance.

The meaning of Teppanyaki

Ever wondered what the word actually means? Well, let’s break it up. The word teppan in Japanese means iron plate while the word yaki means grilled. This, in other words, means that the dish is cooked on an iron griddle.


Teppanyaki restaurants| Img via Benihana Thailand

Brief history

The concept was initiated back in 1945 when chef Shigeji Fujioka opened a restaurant called Misono where western food was cooked on a flat iron griddle. This was not popular among the Japanese people themselves but drew the attention of the westerners.

Teppanyaki is not Hibachi

Most people often confuse this type of cuisine with another which is called Hibachi. Hibachi is flame-broiled which is not ideal for onions, rice and carrots since they might fall off between the grates. Keep in mind that Teppanyaki restaurants are where you get to see a performance, unlike other culinary arts.

The dish

The best part about this dish is that you get to select the ingredients. Pick out your vegetables, meat or fish and even spices and the chef will proceed in preparing your dish in the best way. You can try out Benihana Thailand for a good experience.