Although every food item you find in Desaru, Malaysia is not truly traditional, they have some unique tastes- loved by many travellers from all around the world. Here are just some of them.

Garlic butter lobster

This is commonly regarded as a dish that can be enjoyed while lounging by your pool villas in Malaysia. This dish has a delicious lobster in garlic and lemon butter and each bite is sure to be tantalisingly flavourful.

Fish head curry

Yes, this is majorly a Singaporean cuisine that also has Indian and Chinese influences. But, you find it in buffets at popular resorts such as Anantara Desaru Coast Residences as well. This dish is either served with rice or bread.

JB MacatuladFish Head Curry at Banana Leaf ApoloCC BY-SA 4.0

Lamb bulgogi

It’s a dish made with sliced pieces of lamb marinated in soy sauce and many other ingredients such as sugar, green onions, and garlic. Although this is a traditional Korean dish, it is also a very popular Malaysian dish.

Kam Heong crab

Kam Heong means ‘Golden Fragrance’ and it describes this dish so well. With curry leaves, curry powder, garlic, and dried shrimps, this dish surely reawakens your senses.