Germany has a long-held reputation for making beers. With tradition and knowledge passed down through generations, Germans make some of the best beers in the world.

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The German Purity Law

Almost every German beer adheres to the German Purity Law. The law dictates that only water, hops, and malt can be used in the making of beer. The law was first issued in the 16th century.


There isn’t a German bar that doesn’t serve pilsner; you are more than likely to find this even at a pub in Dubai. There are two variations to proper pilsner: German and Czech. Both these beer types are pale yellow in colour, with notes of bitter floral hops; you can taste pilsner yourself if you visit Ernst Biergarten.

Traditional Bock

If you find a beer bottle with a label of a goat on it, it is probably a bock. The colour of this beer ranges from light to dark, but traditional bock has a brown colour.


Darker than other beer types, Dunkel has a strong taste of malt, and the taste of hops is almost undetectable. This is a popular drink during the winter months.

Other beer types to try

The list of German beers also includes Berliner Weisse, Schwarzbier, Rauchbier, Märzen, Kölsch, and Hefeweizen. German beers are also categorised into pale beers, wheat beers, and dark beers.