From street vendors to wayside eateries, restaurants and up market hotels, street food is there on menus. Wattala is a bustling township on the western coast of Sri Lanka and restaurants in Wattala cater to a wide clientele. If you want to dine amidst stunning seascapes then Pegasus Reef Hotel would be one of the suitable venues to have your meal.


Sri Lankan food is known for its super blend of hot spices, creamy curries with coconut milk and rich flavours Stringhoppers made of steamed flour or rice flour and are eaten with spicy sambols and curries. A lavariya is a string-hopper filled with coconut flakes cooked with treacle or sugar. Hoppers or appa are made with a flour or rice flour batter and has crisp edges and soft centers. Hopper variations are egg hoppers or bitthara appa, kiri appa or milk hoppers and pani (treacle) appa. Hoppers are eaten with sambols, curries, or with bananas, jiggery treacle etc. Rotis are flat breads and rotis of flour and coconut are pol roti. Godhamba is another kind of roti and is the basis for the very popular kottu roti. Godhamba rotis are cut into strips and mixed with various mixtures of meat, fish, vegetables, eggs or cheese to make kottus. Vadais are preparations of lentils made into balls flattened and fried. They are spicy and if a prawn is added it is an isso vadai. Vadais made of ulundu flour are ulundu vadai and are eaten with ground green or red coconut sambol. Maalu paan or fish buns, samosas, boiled or devilled chick peas, rolls with different fillings, kola kenda or herbal porridge, barbequed sea food, kebabs, are also popular. Pickles or accharu made with half ripe mangoes, pineapples, wood apples and veralu are very popular. Popular beverages which accompany street food are king coconut, sherbert, lassi and fruit juice. The Galle Face Green is a great place for street food.


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