Hangzhou is not only known for its beautiful scenery of West Lake but also for the cuisine of this land, which has many places to visit to sample some very delicious dishes. Whether it is to have some stir-fried shrimp or braised pork belly, you will be sure to experience quite the culinary journey on your visit here.

Where to have the best Street Food

There are many different areas in Hangzhou that are known for their street food dishes. A few famous ones would be Sheng Li He Street, He Dong Road, Qing He Fang Street and Bai Jing Fang Lane. There are many accommodations close by such as lyf Mid-Town Hangzhou that have plenty of affordable options that are centrally located. In Hangzhou, serviced apartments are common accommodations for families looking to spend a lengthier vacation.

Sheng Li He Food Street

It is commonly known by the local people as Gu Shi Street with over 20 well-known restaurants. You will find delicious dishes such as Beef Offal, Xinglong Chicken feet, Hot Pot, steamed buns and beef noodles.

He Dong Road Food Street

He Dong Road Food Street 
He Dong Road Food Street – Image via Flickr

This particular street food road is famous for its late-night food. Whether it is lobster, barbecued fish and shrimp or Sichuan-styled snacks, you will be sure to find some delicious dishes here to satisfy your cravings.

Qing He Fang Street

This street is a very old block with well-preserved old buildings. Most of the buildings date back to the late Ming Dynasty period to the early Qing Dynasty era. You will find tasty local snacks, delicious street food dishes and many live performances by folk artists. A must try here are Fish balls, Wushan roast chicken, and of course, the Ningbo rice dumplings.