Located just a kilometre south-wards of Melbourne’s central business district is this captivating urban neighbourhood. It is one of the most captivating locales in Melbourne since it is dominated by modern architectural erections with sprinklings of fascinating vintage buildings. There are many hotels Southbank Melbourne has to offer as well such as WRAP on Southbank.
One thing you will never run out of in Southbank is places to eat. There are so many eateries to choose from with a vast variety of foods, given the ethnic diversity in Melbourne.
If you enjoy all kinds of freshly prepared meat-based delicacies, then a visit to the Rockpool Bar & Grill is greatly recommended. They are renowned for their beef delicacies made from locally sourced meat from the finest farms that have been dry-aged and expertly prepared. They also offer a range of seafood dishes as well as meals involving rotisserie-based components.
One of the most reputed places in Southbank is 400 Gradi: Crown, which garnered some serious fame after their pizza margherita was crowned the Best in the World at the 2014 World Pizza Championships. So if you’re a fan of authentic and expertly prepared pizza, be sure to sample the culinary masterpieces of Chef Johnny di Francesco. Further adding to Southbank’s list of sensational Italian restaurants is Rosetta, which guarantees an unforgettable journey into Italy’s finest delicacies. Their sixteen varieties of pasta are all handmade on-site by the culinary team.
There are also a wide selection of classy bistros where you can have a most romantic rendezvous Bistro Guillame is one of the most popular since it is an elegant French bistro that still manages to remain very affordable. Their soufflé is legendary.
So if you’re a foodie at heart, Southbank is bound to be one of the finest playgrounds to unleash your culinary cravings and dive into a world of indulgent wonders.

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