Singapore is not just about shopping and sight-seeing. It’s also known for its amazing and rare choice of food. You may not even know that some of the following dishes do exist, but they do and are quite popular in Singapore.

Where to eat in Singapore?

If you decide to stay at one of the hotels in Serangoon Road Singapore the likes of Park Hotel Farrer Park, you don’t then need to travel too far looking for a restaurant. Your restaurant is within your hotel premises and you should find many as you step out too – so finding one shouldn’t be hard at all!

Shark Meat

Shark Meat
Shark Meat| Img by:Eugene Kim via Wikipedia, CC BY 2.0

You must have heard about shark’s fin. But, how about shark’s meat? If you have tried chicken and alligator meat, it is possible that you may get a good combination of those two tastes in shark meat.

Pig’s Brain Soup

Do not get deceived by how it looks, you should pay focus on its tastes! Pig’s brain is believed to be highly nutritious and they believe it’s a good aid for mental illnesses as well.

Crocodile Tail

In Singapore, you get to eat the paw of the crocodile and its tail as well. To get rid of the gamey taste, herbs are often added to this dish when it’s being prepared.

Raw Beef

They call it ‘steak tartare’. This dish is often served with egg yolk and can be found in most of the French and Italian restaurants in Singapore.