A city known for its culture and history, Beijing is an ancient city with a long and eventful history. Its cuisine is one of the things that the Beijing residents are proud of. Beijing cuisine, also known as Jing Cuisine, is a mixture of Hui, Han, Mongolian, Manchu, and Ming and Qing royal cuisines. Beijing dishes feature variety in their aroma, flavor, and method of preparation.

Beijing Roast Duck

With a worldwide reputation, Beijing roast duck tops every must-try Beijing dishes list. The succulent meat is roasted to perfection, and it gives off a heavenly taste and aroma. The best restaurants in Beijing aren’t the only places to try this Beijing dish; you can find it at roadside stalls as well – although the likes of Pan Pacific Beijing might be your best bet at tasting the most authentic version.

Beijing Hotpot

Hot Pot at Ginza Mall, Beijing China |Image via flickr

One of the most authentic dishes in Beijing, the Beijing hotpot is a must-try for every tourist visiting the city. Mutton, lamb, and vegetables are the main ingredients, and as the name suggests, the dish is quite spicy.

Fried Chop Rice Cake

This unique cake variety is another winner of Beijing hearts. One of the old recipes, fried chop rice cake is made of soy flour, red bean paste, and rice flour.

Other foods to try

Pea flour cake, fermented soybean milk, stewed liver, and Tianfu Hao sauce pork hock are a few other dishes you can try on your Beijing tour.