If you’re new to the art of coffee making, learning the basics of ground coffee is the best place to start. From grind sizes to preparation methods – here’s a quick overview of all the important bits about the subtle art of enjoying ground coffee.

What is it?


First off, what exactly is ground coffee? Well, it’s essentially what brewed coffee is made out of and is made by grinding coffee beans. Think of ground coffee as being akin to a tea bag – you add some hot water and you got yourself a tasty beverage!

Grind Sizes


If you’re looking for ground coffee Sri Lanka has on offer, you can always rely on options like Fits Retail. They have options like the Dallmayr Roastkaffee made from 100% Arabica Ground beans. You will then need to decide on the size of your grind. Ground coffee comes in many sizes, based on how much you end up grinding down the beans. The finest sizes include options like Turkish coffee while larger sizes include French press and cold brews.

Fresh or Pre-Ground

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The next big distinction when it comes to ground coffee is whether it’s freshly ground on pre-ground. In general, the fresher the coffee is, the tastier it will be. Still, if sealed properly, pre-ground coffee tastes quite good as well.

Grinding Your Own Coffee


Now, the important question is, whether you should be grinding your own coffee. The answer is, absolutely! If you want to get better at making coffee and perfecting your brew, this is the first step you’ll need to take.