traditional sri lankan food
Traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry by Anantara Kalutara Resort


Kalutara is a coastal destination in Sri Lanka that offers a fair bounty of gastronomic experiences that would not leave your memory for years. Here’s how you can plan your food-based voyage.


Conduct a Bit of Research


There are many ways you can discover the ideal eateries for you in Kalutara. In addition to doing a few web-based searches, you can also take a reach through certain publications. There are also many location-specific websites to peruse through such as Travel Kalutara.


Go on a Culinary Tour



There are many entities that offer culinary tours, especially at many of the hotels and resorts in the area. If you’re a serious foodie, then this is definitely one of the best things to do in Kalutara, Sri Lanka.


Use an App


If you’re feeling particularly spontaneous then this is definitely a fun way to discover some good places to eat. There are many such apps available in the modern age, and you could transform this experience into a real quest of sorts.


Avoid Dining Near Major Tourist Attractions


Dining establishments situated around popular attractions aren’t ideal since they serve food that is forgettable and easily-prepared to cater to the constant demands imposed upon the restaurants by the steady and numerous crowds.