While you are getting the perfect tan and enjoying the pina coladas in Maldives, you might want to take a bite of the sumptuous dishes iconic to the summer island to treat your tastebuds. Here are a few suggestions to consider as a starter!

Mas Huni

The most popular breakfast choice among locals and foreigners is Mas Huni, a flavoursome mix of tuna and coconut. To add flavour to the smoked tuna and coconut, lemon, salt, onion, and capsicum are added. Mas Huni can be enjoyed with a side of flatbread called ‘Roshi’, for a wholesome breakfast to kickstart your day exploring the islands. Try this dish at one of the luxury restaurants in Maldives within popular hotels such as Adaaran Prestige Vadoo or at food joints by the beach that are sure to have this dish on their menu.


Garudiya, the famous fish broth is a crowd-favourite on the island. The clear broth mixed with flavours from the fish, salt, chilli, basil leaves and onion give the most succulent taste to treat your palate. You can pair it with some rice to complete the experience.

Fihunu Mas
The grilled fish in the Maldives can be the most refreshing taste, as the freshly caught fish cooked with deep cuts and marinated with spices and salt brings out an explosion of flavours. Small tuna fish is the usual option for Fihunu Mas, however, you can try fishing and grilling whatever fish you caught in the same way for a rewarding meal for your effort.