Your visit to the nation of South Korea would be incomplete without trying out the delectable local foods which would undoubtedly draw the interest of the discerning food lover; here are some of the highlights.

Samgyeopsal | Image via pxfuel

Fermented vegetables (kimchi)

The well-known kimchi which has gained popularity around the world would be a must-try dish for visitors to South Korea. Kimchi happens to be a sour and spicy dish of fermented vegetables that would include several ingredients with Korean radish being commonly used. Foreign visitors often esteem kimchi due to its fibre content, nutritional goodness and low amount of calories.

Marinated beef barbecue (bulgogi)

Bulgogi would be a savoury juicy grilled dish of marinated beef and would be counted among the best-loved meat dishes in Korea. The meat in this dish would be grilled along with sliced onions and garlic to enhance its delectable flavour. If you happen to be wondering where to stay in Bundang on your culinary adventures, an accommodation to consider where you could base yourself as you experience Korean dishes would be Somerset Central Bundang.

Sweet syrupy pancakes (hoeddeok)

A much-loved street food dish in South Korea would be hoeddeok which may be described as sweet syrupy pancakes. This dish would consist of circular flat dough with a filling of a blend of honey, cinnamon, brown sugar and bits of peanut; this flavourful delicacy would feature a crunchy crisp exterior as well as a soft interior.

Pork strips (samgyeopsal)

Your sampling of Korean foods wouldn’t be complete without savouring the very popular samgyeopsal which would consist of pork belly meat slices that are grilled but not seasoned or marinated. Instead, the meat would be dipped in a tasty seasoning and then enveloped in lettuce with slices of onion and garlic, as well as kimchi, which make for a heavenly combination.