Craving a gastronomic adventure in Laos? From traditional street food to fine dining experiences, this guide will help you navigate the vibrant food scene in Laos.

Ekrem Canli, Luang Prabang Night Market 2016 (HDR), CC BY-SA 4.0

Street Food Delights

Immerse yourself in the local food culture by exploring the bustling street food markets in Laos. Sample savoury delights like Khao Piak Sen (Laos-style noodle soup), Sai Oua (grilled herb sausage), and Khao Jee (baguette sandwiches) filled with flavorful fillings. Don’t miss the vibrant night markets in Vientiane and Luang Prabang for an authentic street food experience.

Luang Prabang Morning Market

Wake up early and visit the vibrant morning market in Luang Prabang, a food lover’s paradise. Here, you’ll find an array of fresh produce, local ingredients, and unique delicacies. From exotic fruits to aromatic herbs, explore the market’s stalls and soak up the lively atmosphere while discovering the authentic flavours of Laos.

Traditional Laotian Restaurants

Indulge in the traditional flavours of Laos at renowned restaurants that specialize in authentic Laotian cuisine. Savour dishes like Laap (minced meat salad), Mok Pa (steamed fish in banana leaves), and Or Lam (spicy stew). Experience the rich blend of aromatic herbs, spices, and unique ingredients that make Laotian cuisine so distinctive. You can find these kinds of restaurants close to many serviced apartments in Vientiane the likes of Somerset Vientiane.

Luang Prabang Night Market

End your culinary journey with a visit to the vibrant night market in Luang Prabang. Explore the stalls filled with local snacks, sweet treats, and handmade crafts. Don’t miss trying Khao Nom Kok (coconut rice cakes), Khanom Kok (coconut pudding), and the famous Baguette Laotienne, a fusion of French and Laotian flavours. The night market is a perfect place to immerse yourself in the local food scene and discover the diverse flavours of Laos.