A perfect place for a romantic escapade or tropical adventure, the Maldives offer plenty of experiences that one can enjoy; this includes fine dining that lets you savour truly gastronomic cuisine in a variety of unique settings. While Maldives resorts are known for their fine dining offerings, for something truly special stay at Anantara, Kihavah. One of the leading Maldives spa resorts, this luxurious rest features one of a kind dining in a special wine cellar and restaurant located underwater!

Fine dining in Maldives lets you sample a wide array of scrumptious dishes that let you savour the succulent flavours that are brought out by local cuisine. Part of the charm of such experiences is the different settings on offer. While elegant and stylish restaurants are known for their intimate ambience, there are many other backdrops that one can choose from, which lend to the charm of the meal; dining on the beach under the stars, dining aboard a luxurious boat as it sails across the sea and dining on a private island are amongst the many settings that one can choose from, providing a one of a kind meal that you will not soon forget.

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