An integral part of any trip to a foreign land is getting the chance to sample its signature local dishes; in the Philippines this would undoubtedly mean savouring the rich and satisfying taste of lechon which is a must try dish for all pork-lovers too. Popular as a fast food or even served at social or family gatherings including weddings and birthday celebrations, lechon is a carefully prepared dish that features roasting an entire pig. While it is made locally at homes around the Philippines, many restaurants also serve this delectable dish; Family Cebu Native Lechon and Pepita’s Kitchen are among the options in the capital Manila, while if you happen to be residing at serviced apartments Alabang has to offer, then you can try Hecky’s Lechon, within easy reach of such accommodation options as Somerset Alabang Manila.

“Lechon” translates to mean young or suckling pig and is in actual fact a term that has its origins from Spain, which at one time colonised the Philippines. Of course while the Spanish may have introduced the dish, the Filipino version has its own unique local spices and preparation techniques that have made this version of lechon deliciously different. Local livestock, known to offer more juicy cuts are used while the pigs themselves are stuffed with a myriad of ingredients including lemongrass, garlic and leeks which perfectly lend to and enhance the flavour of the meat. As part of the preparation the pig is also basted with lemon soda, types of oil or soy sauce, before being roasted over a coal or charcoal pit. The roasting process is not something that can be rushed, and the hours it takes for the finished dish to be complete is worth the wait as the flavours are infused into the meat.

When the skin begins to crackle, it is a sure sign that the lechon is ready to serve. Of course ideally you need to eat it fresh off the fire to get the rich, full taste of the juicy and succulent meat. Thick slices of lechon accompanied by condiments such as chilli oil or vinegar, is a not to be missed treat on your foodie adventures in the Philippines.

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