England, with its great history, traditions and modernity is a place that has drawn travelers to its shores for many centuries.

And one of the most visited city’s in England is London, a vibrant and multicultural metropolitan that is home to some of the best known attractions in the world. With iconic sites such as the Big Ben, the London Eye and River Thames running through its midst, this is undoubtedly an attractive tourist hot spot you should not miss.

When you visit London, you are sure to have your agenda full with places to visit and things to do. And it can be said that you have not truly experienced the London spirit, unless you have visited at least one of the four thousand odd great pubs situated in London.

Public houses or pubs as they are commonly known are an intricate part of the British culture and society. With people from all walks of life visiting them mostly during the evening or night, after work to meet with friends, relax or just have beer or two. In recent years pubs have begun to be more family oriented, offering families’ food and accommodation along with a good place for a night out for social gatherings.

When visiting London it is not hard to come by a pub with most of them having a signature mascot or badge which is proudly revealed outside the establishment. The pubs are mostly open until the wee hours of the morning being a large part of the active London nightlife.

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