The world famous ‘Dubai’ is a lavish and phenomenal city that offers each of its visitors a different, lively and an unmistakably memorable experience. It is abound with world class hotels, shopping and entertainment venues as well as some unmatched places to dine.

Buddha Bar is one of those unmatched dining places in Dubai that provides a new meaning to the whole experience of dining. Overlooking the magnificent Arabian Sea, the two-storey Buddha Bar houses a restaurant, bar as well as a lounge. This exceptional dining venue is well known for its warm hospitality and friendly yet professional service. The most prominent feature of the main dining area at the Buddha Bar is the 15 feet tall statue of Buddha. The large windows offer guests spectacular views of the marina and the traditional red chandeliers that have been used to decorate the interior are truly stunning. Guests entering Buddha Bar will find that the atmosphere is kept dark with low level lighting. The ambience is so dim that guests are given pocket lights to read the bar menu. Lit up by little red candles, Buddha Bar has many small private coves ideal for an intimate dining session. The sushi bar is one of its unique features that come with low seating areas.

Apart from the impressive interior decor that creates a welcoming setting for even the most discerning guest, Buddha Bar also serves it guest a wide array of different food to savour. The menu is extensive and is mainly dominated by various mouth watering Asian cuisines. The bar is well known for its incredible cocktails and Buddha Bar on the whole is popular for fresh sushi.

The delectable food served at the Buddha Bar is topped with efficient, friendly and polite service and an ambience that is simply stimulating. In order to enjoy a memorable dining experience at this distinctive restaurant, travellers can stay at a conveniently located hotel in Dubai such as Raffles Dubai, UAE which is a Dubai luxury hotel that offers modern convenience and home like comfort for an unforgettable stay.