When in Hong Kong, travellers should not over look the opportunity to spend a bit more time in savouring the various flavours of this culinary paradise.

If travellers are as serious about their food as they are about their shopping then Hong Kong is the ideal place to get down to some serious dinning. The choices for dinning range from upmarket restaurants, to dessert houses, street side mobile stalls, and the traditional tea houses.

Many of Hong Kong’s restaurants serve a mix of eastern and western cuisine and a fusion of food which arises from mainland Honkong and China. There are also those that focus on Chinese food and its many variants like Shanghainese, Szechwan, Cantonese, Hunan and Peking. In addition international dishes from Thailand, Korea, France and America are available but when in Hong Kong, local cuisine is the best.

To kick off with – the tea houses in Hong Kong are not only authentic in their offerings but dinning at one is also an introduction into its Yaum Cha (tea drinking) culture. The food served here is affordable as it is mouth watering. Tea houses usually serve up traditional faire such as cakes, noodles, snacks and desserts. Amongst these, the dim sum (dumplings), tsuen guen (spring rolls), and the chau siu bau (soft buns made of pork) are a firm favourite of many.

For more authentic Hong Kong eateries, travellers should walk into places like Causeway Bay, which feature dining options for the budget traveller. Such outlets could be found along Tang Lung and Matheson as well as Jardine’s Bazaar. A plus point about these eateries is that they remain open for customers till the wee hours and for night owls it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Along Pak Sha Road and Kai Chiu Road is where travellers will find parlors that serve sushi, among its wide array of bars and restaurants in their brightly lit streets.

And finally if dinning out with a touch of romance is what is required, then travellers should look no further than to Hong Kong’s south side in Stanley. This waterfront area attracts shoppers from around the globe. The restaurants in the vicinity have a natural romantic touch heightened by its surrounding and are popular for serving Western and Chinese food as well.

A lovely stroll on the beach after dinner and a warm bed waiting for travellers at one of the beautiful hotels in Hong Kong would be the perfect way to end the day. There are many 5 star hotels in Hong Kong and a stay at the Langham Place Mongkok Hong Kong would be an amazing experience.