Bali, as one of the world’s most visited places offers some of the most diverse dining experiences as well. In addition to fine resorts and accommodation each town on the island also offers a wide selection of places to eat. Some areas even enjoy signature food preparations. Foodies are sure to enjoy the Bali dining experience with cuisines of every type from simple traditional fare to the complex and sophisticated. Dining options range from restaurants in five star hotels to independent gourmet restaurants and wayside eateries to suit every budget and taste.

Simple ‘warungs’, places with open sides, thatched roofs, cane furniture and the hallmark loud music are everywhere as are handcarts. These cater to locals and travellers who have discovered the meals are tasty and safe to eat. Night markets are a big part of the dining scene on the island. They provide typical Balinese cuisine at affordable prices. Scores of stalls are set up in towns all over Bali at the end of the day to serve up a mouth watering and an astonishing array of traditional dishes. These markets are some of the best places to try out authentic Balinese cuisine.

Bali’s reputation as one of Asia’s finest dining destinations is well deserved. The island sports well patronized restaurants from Italian trattorias to several chic French restaurants, organic and vegetarian restaurants to those serving Pan Asian and classic Spanish fare and even Mexican cuisine that are of a very high standard. The constantly changing culinary scene on the island offer novel dining concepts and its restaurants serve up well prepared and presented food and drinks concocted with fresh ingredients and “catches of the day” that impart a very special quality to the cuisine. There are restaurants to suit every mood, trend and occasion, from the casual to the chic and even grand. Many high end restaurants also offer beautifully decorated spaces and fantastic locations. Celebrity chefs head some popular restaurants that are among Asia’s best. In this foodie paradise, one of the best things anyone could do on holiday is to sit back and enjoy the fabulous food and drink.

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