The Cuisines of Singapore are just as tantalizing as the array of attractions this little island has to offer. Brought to life by a rich and a multi cultural society, Singapore truly offers an exotic melting pot of flavors and foods. Be it Malay, Chinese, Indian or Perankakan, you can taste the cultural diversity here in Singapore.

A stroll down Singapore’s neighborhoods and you will be treated with the soothing blended aroma of the halal Malay food, exotic South Indian Thali, the typical Naans and biriyani of North India, The Hainese Chicken Rice, the dim Sum of the Cantonese, the Popiah, the Pecking Duck, The Hokkien Mee and the list goes on and on; all favorite culinary delights of the masters of Cuisine.

Perhaps the widest Cuisine witnessed in Singapore is the Chinese Cuisine. The Chinese are fantastic with their dishes and believe in a symbolic methodology in cooking. It is interesting to note how they associate noodles with longevity and Oysters for good fortune for example. Chinese Cuisine in Singapore includes roasted meats, double boiled soups, Szechuans Spicy chickens, Hakkas bean curd stuffed with fish paste, the typical dim Sum, fish head curry, chillie crab, rojak, bak kut teh, fish head curry and several other mouthwatering dishes. One merely cannot leave Singapore without savoring these Chinese delights. For all those Indian food lovers Singapore affords the best from both the South and the North. The South is filled with vegetarian favorites like thosais, Idlis and Pooris and the North is infused with rich aroma and hearty Buriyanis, Naans and Tandooris. The Variety Singapore offers in such a small radius is actually exquisite.

The local Indian Muslim dishes are also fabulous and their roti pratas, murtabak and nasi briyani’s work perfectly with the teh tarik- a delicious creamy and frothy milk tea.

For those of you interested in The Malay cuisine, Singapore gives you a fabulous blend of exotic flavors put together to make the most delicious cuisine.

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Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.