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27 Nov 2022

Category: Recipes

Main Dishes

Tuna tartare 

Ingredients Tuna 75g Lime dressing 5ml Thai chili 10g Jicama 40g Thai basil 1g Coral tuile 1g   Method of preparation: Cut the tuna grade into cubes. Peel jicama and cut it into cubes. In a salad bowl, put tuna and jicama cubes. Add the…

Main Dishes, Recipes

Ten Don 

  Ingredients Prawn White Cleaned 21*25                           265g Baby Corn Whole                                              90g Lady Finger (Okra)                                             90g Enoki Mushroom                                               90g Rice Japanese                     …

Appetizers, Recipes

Wellness Detox Salad 

    Ingredients Romaine 20 g Rocket 10 g Oak red leaf  20 g Oak green leaf  20 g Rocket  10 g Cherry tomatoes 4 pcs Avocado (half size and ripe) haft fruit Beetroot 6 slice Orange ½ fruit (only meat flesh) Almonds 1 tsp…