The Caribbean, the region comprising the North America, the Gulf of Mexico, east of Central America, and the North of South America, is one of the most colourful and vibrant regions with respect to society. Known for their unique culture and lifestyle, the Caribbean has a rather unique identity in many day-to-day activities, including their cuisine.
Utilizing a variety of colourful ingredients and exotic spices of the region, Caribbean cuisine offers exquisite and rich flavours. Caribbean dishes include your typical seafood, steak, vegetables and chicken, only cooked to perfection by unique Caribbean ingredients, packing these dishes in with a lot rich flavours and zest. This zesty style of cooking has made Caribbean cuisine one of the most colourful and exciting cuisines in the world, and is sure to make your taste buds tickle.
Cooking plays an important role in traditional family life of the Caribbean, and therefore the cuisine of this region is constantly evolving, bringing in more delicious dishes. Cooks are known to experiment and discover new dishes including vegetables and ingredients from all the islands of the region. Thus, many consider the dishes to ‘cultural patchwork’, as each ingredient in these dishes hails from a different culture from the Caribbean. Caribbean cuisine not only comprises of cooking styles of the different islands in the region, but also emanates elements of cooking styles of the many groups of people that have settled in the Caribbean in the past, such as the Spanish, French, British and Africans. All these marvellous cooking styles, elements and ingredients combined have created some truly spectacular dishes such as Coconut Shrimp, Ribs in Gauva & BBQ Sauce, Escabeche, Jerk Chicken Pasta, and Key Lime Pie. Therefore, if you are indulging in rich zesty flavours try out Caribbean cuisine and give your taste buds a treat!
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