A part of experiencing the colourful culture of Indonesia is sampling its exotic cuisine which offers a truly gastronomic adventure for your state buds. Those in search ofluxury hotels Indonesia which also give you a chance to sample local cuisine can consider properties belonging to Starwood Indonesia. This reputed name in the hotel and hospitality industry has several Indonesia 5 star hotels in key locations around the country and let you enjoy an authentic holiday experience.

Influenced by foreign traders and former colonial powers, Indonesian cuisine has its own distinct flavour and aroma which can vary from region to region within the country. The staple food here is rice which is generally served with vegetable dishes. Sweet potato and yam are also popular along with vegetables such as spinach, cassava leaves and kangkung. It is common to find goat meat and beef dishes, while along the coastal regions one can find a variety of seafood dishes. Typical Indonesian dishes one should try here include nasi goring, sate and gado-gado.


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