Bali is known as a retreat for relaxation and detoxing. Many tourists come to Bali to seek harmony and body and mind inner peace. Bali also has the best restaurants with the healthiest selection. With post-card perfect rice fields and a plethora of healthy living options makes a visit to Bali, an unforgettable, delightful and an enchanting experience. The Como Shambhala, is often known as the ”Retreat for Change” with residual experts including a yoga teacher, Ayurveda doctor and a residual dietician. This resort offers a 360 degree holistic approach including signature massage therapies and beauty treatments. This resort is located on a remote, peaceful and a unique location with the most perfect environment for relaxation. The resort also has state-of-the-art gyms and many outdoor activities like hiking, climbing and mountain biking.

The guests can get fantastic raw food, create their own raw food or vegetarian menus. The benefits of feeding your body’ ‘living food” that is eaten in natural state, packed with all the natural goodness that ”dead’ ‘or overcooked food lacks are incalculable. The very first rule of detoxing is to, drink a lot of water. Many guests can take the advantage of the abundance of fresh green coconuts on the island. Known as the ”tree of life”, coconut is one of the nature’s healthiest gifts, myriad of health benefits, it is packed with full of minerals and electrolytes which helps keep the body hydrated, nourished and sustained. The rich volcanic slopes of Bali produce rich, tasty, nutritious pumpkins which are excellent sources of A, B and E as well as powerful antioxidants. The island is also with lush tropical fruits that taste amazing and are brimming with minerals, vitamins and fiber. Cinnamon and sea wood, which are abundant in the island is also a very powerful antioxidant that helps to alkalize the blood and strengthen the digestive tract. Organic vegetables are readily available. The island also has world-class super foods such as organic, raw cocoa beans and Irish moss and virgin coconut oil, which is readily available.

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