Anantara Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa is one of the top Uluwatu Hotels available for accommodation. The amazing location and Anantara’s signature facilities combine to make a unique experience for the guest; which cannot be experienced in any other Bali Resorts. While in this beautiful island experience the wide variety of delicious mouthwatering cuisine available.

Rice is one of the main dishes in the Indonesian culture. A lot of starchy tubers and starchy fruit like yam, sweet potato, and jackfruit are more common in a day to day meal. Vegetables and meat like beef, water buffalo and mutton and fish and poultry are also included in their meals. One of the special characteristics in Indonesian cuisine is peanuts. Most dishes are prepared using this. While in Bali try its signature dish Bebek betutu duck stuffed with spices, covered in banana leaves and coconut husks cooked in a pit of embers.

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