While on holiday in the Emirates, especially in Abu Dhabi it would be quite easy to get carried away by the astounding works of engineering brilliance coupled with the glorious sights and sounds of the desert that at times may seem an overwhelming factor, particularly owing to its searing temperatures. However one must always look for ways in which one’s thirst might be quenched, regardless of where one might be based at. Abu Dhabi serves up plenty of choices of accommodation and one such option where a host of traditional beverages and favourites might be savoured is Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara which features among hotels in Eastern Mangroves District while providing the weary soul with much needed rest and relaxation.


Coffee comes across as affording visitors a warm welcome to Abu Dhabi which is accompanied with the serving of dates and is a beverage often made using camel milk. While it is not rare to find it being served at local ceremonies, ‘gahwa’ as it is known in this part of the world comprises a rich texture and strong concoction and is certainly one of the more aromatic flavours that one will have the fortune of being treated to, for, to delve deeper into the true tastes if Arabia and not even mention “Jellab” would be the greatest injustice to local drinks. Commonly seen during the festival of Ramadan, “Jellab” is served cold and is made up of spices, rose water, nuts and a dash of grape molasses to enhance taste and flavour. Abu Dhabi has not left out one of the world’s most treasured and looked forward to pastimes which is the consumption of tea though it has successfully provided its own twist with the “karak chai” which is quite a spicy rendition of tea and is always served with love from the heart at every home in Abu Dhabi. Should one want to go healthy then look no further than “Laban” which is more popular with the health-conscious of travellers and is partaken of in a way to replenish the body of all the water and salt that is lost due to searing heat outside. This drink is prepared with the help buttermilk which is one of the reasons as to why it is looked forward to with much enthusiasm.


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