Bangkok is a hub for many things and dining is one of them. The booming dining scene has ensured that no matter where you are in Bangkok you could always hop into a bar to enjoy your favourite cocktail or try out a new one. Q&A Bar is one such place that has become a regular favourite with many locals and is often recommended to foreigners. The bar is known for creating quite an inventive cocktail or two in an atmosphere that reminds one of a train compartment from the yesteryears. The unimpressionable alley in Sukhumvit Soi 21 gives no hints away apart from the green insignia that points you in the right direction. Try their Pinkish a cocktail which adds a twang to the original Negroni with the clever use of grapefruit infused gin and rhubarb. Vesper is another hotspot bar that is gracefully decorated with mood lighting set to perfection. Their drinks showcase some great classics that never go out of style such as the Sazerac which packs a huge punch with a combination of Hennessy VS, Bulleit rye, Angostura bitters, Peychaud’s bitters, some lemon zest and wait for it, Absinthe. The drink is a hit ( and with good reason) and is said to be best enjoyed alongside a plate of the bar’s infamous Parma ham burrata with cheese. There are quite a few serviced apartments in Bangkok close to Vesper if any foreign travelers wish to take up lodging for the day such as Ascott Sathorn Bangkok and many more. Keep an eye out for the traffic though as the street tends to get clogged quite easily.

If you want to add more thrill to your night out, try and get into Havana Social which is a hidden bar that requires you to know a secret message or code to allow access. Drawing in the vibrant and powerful Cuban culture their drinks are rave-worthy among which the Caribbean Smashed Mojito consisting of fresh bits of sugar cane is a massive hit. If you have a taste for the vintage try their Hemingway Daiquiri with good four-year mature rum as the base.

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