Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival has delighted thousands of tea lovers with its festivities since the year 1994. In celebration of this aromatic beverage that millions of people around the world love, this festival takes place in April or May in the district of Zhabei.

The Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival celebrates the long history of tea, a beverage that is most strongly linked with the Chinese culture. The festival is frequented by veterans in the industry and producers of tea from all across China as well as the world, along with the ardent lovers of tea everywhere.

The humble beginnings of this festival saw Zhabei’s local Songyuan Teahouse’s attempt to promote tea culture amongst the districts inhabitants through seminars and gatherings. Today, the Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival has received international fame for all its color and grandeur as well as the symbolization of the traditional culture of the great country of China.

The many colorful activities of the festival include seminars and lectures as well as tea art talks, sampling of teas from all over the country, performances by Chinese, Japanese and Korean artists, tea art contests, tea appraisals, forums between tea purchasers and buyers and tea set auctions and trade fairs.

If one wishes to attend the festival events, he should consider finding accommodation at a centrally located Service Apartment. Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival takes place throughout the district of Zhabei, hence the location of the hotel plays a crucial role in ensuring that all or most of the events will be attended by the visitor.

As most of the resorts and hotels are booked in advance by the many thousands of visitors to the event in the months of April and May, it is advised to plan your holiday well in advance and prior book your hotel apartment, shanghai offers options galore for those who wish to take part in the festivities of the event whilst indulging in the sheer luxury of star class service, in its many hotels scattered around the city. Citadines Biyun Shanghai is one of the top notch hotels to be considered when visiting Shanghai for the festival as it is most conveniently located at the heart of the Biyun International Community.


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