Offering great nutritional value and of course heavenly flavours that will leave you coming back for more, the Cantonese cuisine that can be found in the area of Guangzhou are simply too good to be true. This is why selecting a service apartment in Guangzhou is the perfect way to kick start your holiday here. Choose a Guangzhou serviced apartment offered at Ascott IFC Guangzhou which will offer visitors convenient access to a range of wholesome and tasty dishes.

Made with an assortment of ingredients that infuse unmistakable flavour, richness and texture, the cuisines in this locale must definitely be sampled at least once. Try some Shao La which offers you a range of pickled meat, preserved meat as well grilled meat. Local favourites such as roasted duck and barbecued pork feature prominently and can be obtained at a very affordable price. For a true taste of tradition in the locale, snack on some roasted sucking pig, known for being tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Braised shark fin which you are not bound to find back home on a daily basis is one of the most sought after of dishes while steamed grass carp will always make for a hearty meal. Fish balls with vegetables together with honey BBQ pork should definitely be tried out when visiting Guangzhou.


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